The Worlds Only Beatles Murder Mystery Show

Beatles Based Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Beatles themed murder mystery evening with John Lennon, Paul McCartney and the BootlesAaron Aardvark is known as the worlds most authentic Paul McCartney lookalike and tribute as well as playing Paul McCartney in the Lennon Macca Band with John Lennon Lookalike, Homesick Mick.
Now They’re here in a Beatles Themed Murder Mystery dinner party show and what a great show it is!
Designed for 20-100 guests and themed as Black n White 60’s or Sergeant Pepper Psychedelic era there are lots of ways guests can dress for the part or use the instant props provided which always makes for a great fun evening.

The plot is centred around “The Bootles” the worlds greatest Beatles Tribute band with it’s whacky larger than life band members and manager Maxwell Silver. We join the band after the mysterious death of the bands guitarist Gadge Hairyson where they will audition for a replacement Beatle. But who murdered Gadgey? and who else might be Popped Off on the night?

This show is probably the only Beatles themed murder mystery dinner entertainment and will include a couple of songs and singalong with John and Paul.