Comedy Waiters

Whacky Comedy Waiters & Spoof CharactersSinging waiters

Imagine the scene…
Pre dinner drinks and guests nibble on some very unusual canapés while
You’re in the dining room with all of your colleagues and guests when you notice a wine waiter taking a crafty swig of wine, meanwhile the waitress starts giving out dodgy fashion advice and gossip about those around when she suddenly shrieks that she’s lost her contact lens and enlists all whacky waiter faulty towers showon table 5 to get down and help her find it…
If you’re in on the joke, You will know that the antics are part of a

sit back and watch the antics unfold as a host of unlikely characters

Musical & Singing Waiters

Imagine the scene…Your function is going well, the food is superb and as the plates are cleared, a mellifluous voice rises above the chatter of the room, becoming strong and load as you recognise the tune of a popular operatic piece, sung with grace and gusto by one of those cheeky waiters, the room quietens as the performance continues, The waiter, is joined by another and another and so begins a “Three Tenors” style your guests are both surprised and enthralled as a full operatic performance takes place around your guests…

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